KRAHN UK’s Alex Galbur attends NRI conference in Poland

KRAHN UK’s Alex Galbur attends NRI conference in Poland

4 November 2023

The XIII International Scientific – Technical Conference LUBRICANTS 2023, organised by the Oil and Gas – National Research Institute of Poland, was held in the Polish city of Strarachowice recently.

Alex Galbur, KRAHN UK’s Technical Sales Manager, was delighted to represent KRAHN UK at the conference. The programme focused on many of the pressing issues impacting the industry currently and examined the ways in which the lubricants landscape is having to adapt as it transitions at this challenging time.

The topics included the development of lubricant technologies, particularly around the area of electromobility and renewable energy sources; trends in lubricant testing methods; standardization in the lubricants sector; the challenges that the lubrication of systems powered by future engine fuels (like hydrogen and synthetic fuels) will generate for the formulators and the burning issue of sustainability and the circular economy.

Alex Galbar praised the producers for their excellent organisation and quality of the technical conference: “It was an absolute pleasure to attend and alongside a packed agenda on lubricants, there were also discussions on nano additives and materials, and their impact in metalworking. It was great to see the industry’s commitment and readiness to embrace the difficult challenges we are facing reflected at this event. KRAHN UK is a market leading distributor of lubricant additives and customised formulations across a range of industries, and events like this are crucial if we are to continue to innovate and develop new and sustainable opportunities for our customers.”

For more information about the Starachowice conference which took place on 23rd – 25th October, click here:

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