Suretech AF-F6 is a silicone containing antifoam designed for use in fuels and distillation processes. This product demonstrates good spread power and has a low surface tension, making it extremely well suited for use in non-aqueous systems. It is widely compatible with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon solvents.


  • Recommended treat rate of 4-20 ppm.
  • Suitable for applications including diesel fuels products, crude-oil degassing, and distillation processes.

Storage and Handling

Store at 0-40°C in the original, unopened container, and in a dry & well-ventilated place.

Keep away from foodstuffs. Observe good chemical hygiene and handling practice. If handled and stored correctly, this product has a shelf life of 12 months. For further information, please consult the SDS.


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