SURCHEM® 404 is a high molecular weight, oil soluble, first intent, neutral barium sulfonate. It is designed to provide excellent demulsibility, along with detergency and optimum rust protection in formulating industrial lubricants. With its non-staining characteristics, this product is ideally suited for formulations that call for a high level of rust protection. SURCHEM® 404 is compatible with most mineral base oils, white oils, and synthetic base stocks.


Industrial lubricating oils, greases, hydraulic fluids, slushing oils, and other engineered protective products. Industrial engine oils.


Nominal dosages would range from 0.1 to 5.0 wt. % of the finished lubricant.


SURCHEM® 404 is a viscous neutral barium sulfonate and is normally handled at elevated temperatures. For general purposes, the following storage and handling temperatures are recommended:

STORAGE 60-80°C (140-176°F)

HANDLING 80-90°C (176-194°F)

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