Cold Weather Start Up Spark Aider

Petfuel SI CW is a spark aider for cold weather start-ups in gasoline engines. This product is a high purity, stable organo-potassium in a high flash point dearomatized hydrocarbon solvent. It has been specifically developed for use within detergent additive packages, and can also be used as a single performance additive. This product displays excellent compatibility with other components and packages.


  • Use to improve engine ignition, particularly in colder conditions.
  • In older engine types, this product enables the use of unleaded gasoline.
  • Use in combination with a detergent additive to prevent valve recession and to keep injector and inlet valves clean.
  • The recommended treat rate is 50-150ppm in the unleaded gasoline.

Storage and Handling

Observe good chemical handling and hygiene practices. Consult the SDS for more information.

PropertyTypical Min. Max.
Appearance Clear to slightly hazy liquid--
Viscosity @40°C (cSt)--300
Density @20°C (g/cm3)-0.981.01
Flash Point (PMCC, °C)-61-
Water Content (%wt)--0.5
Potassium content (%w)-5.0-

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