Octane Booster

Petfuel OB-F is a stable Octane Boosting solution containing iron-dicyclopentadienyl in an aromatic solvent. It will reduce fuel consumption, soot formation, and maintenance costs.
This product has a low level of naphthalene, and has an improved HSE profile compared to alternatives.


Petfuel OB-F is a combustion improver; it is compatible with various fuel types.
Performance data for Gasoline: at a treat rate of 5 – 9 ppm, an octane boost of 0.5-2.3 RON is achievable.

Storage and Handling

The maximum recommended storage temperature is 50 °C. This product has a shelf life of minimum 12 months.
If stored at lower than 12°C, or for longer periods of time, crystallisation may occur. If crystallisation occurs, heat drums carefully before use to achieve complete re-dilution. Store away from heat and sources of ignition. Handle in accordance with good chemical handling and hygiene practices. Consult the SDS for more information.

PropertyTypical Min. Max. Method
Appearance Yellow Amber Liquid --Visual
Iron content (%wt)2.07--Internal
Flash Point (°C, PMCC)-60 -ASTM D93
Density @ 20°C (kg/m3)-840 940ASTM D556
Crystallisation Point (°C)-4--Internal
Pour Point (°C)---12Internal

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