Multifunctional Package for Diesel Fuels

Petfuel D-ULS MP is a multifunctional package designed to comply with the most recent EEC regulations for the treatment of Low Sulphur Diesel fuels, and fuels from different sources such as biofuels.
This product is a highly stable mix of additives that will minimise- engine deposits, corrosion, and foaming. This Petfuel product also improves Lubricity, Cetane Index Number, and clarity (through dehazing additives).


  • Use in Low Sulphur Diesel fuels to protect from wear & corrosion, and boost overall performance, whilst improving the emissions profile.
  • Compatible with most aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Recommended treat rates 200-700ppm, depending on the performance level required.

Storage and Handling

Observe good chemical handling and hygiene practice. In-house assessment of the compatibility of this product with other additives is recommended. Consult the SDS for further information.

PropertyTypical Min. Max.
Active Content (%wt) 100 --
Viscosity @20°C (cSt) --10
Viscosity @40°C (cSt) --6
Density @15.6°C (g/cm3) 0.95 --
Specific Gravity @20°C (g/cm3) -0.92 0.98
Flash Point (PMCC, °C) -61-
Pour Point (°C) ---30

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