Cetane Number Improver

Petfuel CNI is used to raise the cetane number of diesel fuels, thereby reducing ignition delay during combustion, and improving efficiency. By reducing ignition delay, Petfuel CNI reduces undesirable emissions, and permits a more complete combustion. The result is a quieter, smoother running engine with a longer life. As fuel enhanced with a cetane improver burns more quickly and completely, the overall environmental profile of the fuel is enhanced.


  • Petfuel CNI can be used to improve the profile of all types of diesel fuels for a variety of applications, including industrial and refinery use.

Storage and Handling

In the loading/unloading, storage and handling: The maximum temperature is 70°C. Store in a cool, well ventilated area, away from any source of ignition. Avoid any direct contact with the product. Consult the MSDS for specific information.

PropertyTypical Min. Max. Method
Hazen Colour --25ASTM D1209
Purity (%)-99-DIN 51405
Water Content (%m)--0.05ASTM D1744
Acidity (HNO3, ppm)--30ASTM D1613
Density @20°C (kg/dm3)-0.9600.970ASTM D4052
Density @15°C (kg/dm3)-0.9650.975ASTM D4052
Viscosity (cSt)--3.0ASTM D445
Appearance @20°CClear and colourless liquid--Visual

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