Petadd VM-34(C) is a pellet-form, olefin copolymer (OCP). It is an economical choice when looking to increase viscosity in mineral oil based automotive crankcase lubricants.


  • Use as an additive to increase and maintain viscosity in crankcase lubricants.
  • The recommended treat rate is 5 to 10%, (depending on base oil used, and the required viscosity).
  • Dissolve completely in base oil (under high agitation at ~110°C for 8 hours).


  • Easy to handle
  • Easy and quick to use (fast dissolving pellet)
  • Highly stable (polymer product)

Storage and Handling

It is recommended to store in a cool, dark place, below 30°C. Wear a suitable dust mask & gloves when handling this product. Consult the SDS for further information

Property Typical Test Method
AppearanceWhite PelletsVisual
Relative Density0.86ASTM D1505
K.V. @100°C (cSt; 10% in SN150) 2500ASTM D445
Pour Point (°C; 10% in SN500) (with suitable PPD)-12ASTM 97
Shear Stability Index34ASTM D6002
Ash Content (%m)<0.1ASTM D1416
Volatiles Content (%m)<0.1ASTM D1416

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