Liquid Viscosity Modifier


Petadd VM-25(L) is a 25 SSI, olefin-based viscosity modifier. This product provides excellent shear stability, as well as excellent low temperature performance. Petadd VM-25(L) imparts various performance enhancing properties to base oils, resulting in a blend which can be used in a variety of applications.


  • Suitable for use in various lubricant formulations, including those formulated for industrial & automotive applications.
  • Suitable for both gasoline and diesel crankcase lubricants.
  • Particularly effective in applications which require increased shear stability, such as in motorcycle applications.

Storage and Handling

In the storage, loading/unloading and handling: The maximum recommended temperature is 120°C. When stored at 21°C, this product has a shelf life of 3 years.

Colour 3.5
Specific Gravity @15°C 0.85
Shear Stability Index 23
Viscosity @100°C (cSt) 890
Thickening Power @10% treat rate, and @100°C (cSt) 5

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