Ultra-low SSI Viscosity Modifier


Petadd VM-1(P) is a crumb-form viscosity modifier, based on styrene polymer chemistry. It provides exceptional shear stability & thickening power, as well as good low temperature performance.


  • Intended for use in high quality automotive crank case lubricants.
  • Dissolve in oil at 100-120°C, under high agitation for 4-8 hours.
  • A treat of 4-6% is recommended to achieve maximum thickening potential. Use with a suitable PPD.


  • The physical form simplifies and speeds up the process of dissolving into base oil.
  • Great cold weather performance.
  • Extremely stable under mechanical stress (SSI = 1)


AppearanceWhite CrumbVisual
Viscosity Index (1% in SN150)150ASTM D2170
K.V. @ 40°C (cSt, 1% in SN150)52.5ASTM D445
K.V. @ 100°C (cSt, 1% in SN150)9.25ASTM D445
Pour Point (°C, 1% in SN150 + 0.25% PPD)-28ASTM D97
CCS @ -28°C (mPa-s, 1% in SN150)6,000ASTM D5293
Shear Stability Index1ASTM D6022

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