Petadd VM-15(C) is a pellet-form viscosity modifier based on ethylene-propylene polymer technology. This product is highly stable, offering excellent shear stability; it also provides good cold weather performance.


  • Petadd VM-15(C) has found applications in the automotive (engine oil) and greases lubricants industries.
  • Petadd VM-15(C) should be dissolved under agitation at 10-12% w/w, in SN150 at 100°C – 120°C, until all the product has dissolved (this will typically take 6-12 hours). The dissolved product may then be incorporated into the finished blend. Crankcase lubricant formulations are provided below:
    • To meet grade 5W/30, the recommended treat rate is 0.8% – 1.2%.
    • To meet grade 10W/40, the recommended treat rate is 1.0% – 1.4%.
    • To meet grade 15W/40, the recommended treat rate is 0.75% – 0.90%.
    • To meet grade 20W/50, the recommended treat rate is 0.65% – 0.90%.

Storage and Handling

If in long term storage, the maximum recommended temperature is 30°C. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Consult the SDS for further information.

Property Typical Max. Method
AppearanceWhite Pellets-Visual
Density0.86-ASTM D792
Ethylene Content (%m)72-ASTM D3900
K.V. @100°C (cSt)802-ASTM D445
Pour Point (°C)-27-ASTM D97
SSI15-ASTM 6022
Volatiles (%m)-0.1ASTM D1416

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