Overbased Barium Sulfonate


Petadd DT OB-70(BA) is a high molecular weight overbased barium sulfonate, providing excellent detergency combined with positive wetting and dispersing action. This product provides exceptional rust protection where water is present because of its water displacing/water separation properties. Petadd DT OB-70(BA) is particularly effective as a rust protection medium where high acidic conditions are encountered.


  • Excellent non-staining rust inhibition.
  • Highly effective demulsibility even at low concentrations.
  • Excellent compatibility with other additives.
  • Effective in acidic environments.
  • Excellent solubility in a wide range of base stocks and solvents.

Storage and Handling

If stored between 0°C and 40°C, Petadd DT OB-70(BA) has a minimum shelf life of 12 months.

Petadd DT OB-70(BA) is soluble in most common solvents and petroleum (or synthetic) base stocks, it is insoluble in water. It is recommended to verify the solubility in the intended base stocks, and compatibility with other additives.

Appearance Viscous liquid --
Colour Brown--
Barium Content (%m)14.0--
Mineral Oil Content (%m)38.0--
Water Content (%m)0.4-0.5
TBN (mgKOH/g)62.0--
Relative Density @15°C (g/ml) 1.1--
Flash Point (PMCC, °C) 180150-

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