Statement from Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, KRAHN UK

Statement from Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, KRAHN UK

5 March 2024

“As our Lubricants and Fuels segment continues to grow and evolve, we will now operate as one international technical sales team with enhanced capabilities to offer dedicated technical support to all of our customers.

The changes we are making are all about future proofing our business, both to meet the increasingly complex demands of the industry and to ensure that we have the capabilities to grasp every future opportunity within existing markets and new horizon technologies.

We want our business to be able to evolve in a more robust and strategic way, with greater focus on technical development, sales and product management and better equipped for growth, succession planning and tackling any future challenges head-on. We believe these changes will also enhance the support and responsiveness we provide for our customers and suppliers, whilst enriching the personal and professional futures of our valued employees.”

Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, KRAHN UK

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