Petrico – using the latest technology to protect and preserve engine life

Petrico – using the latest technology to protect and preserve engine life

7 October 2021

Petrico markets lubricant additives for a wide range of industries including the all-important automotive industry.

Petrico’s passenger car additives are all designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines in cars and light-duty trucks that run on petrol, diesel or alternative fuels such as ethanol.

The company’s portfolio includes Pour Point Depressants (which enable oils to work at lower temperatures), Viscosity Modifiers (which help to reduce oil’s change in viscosity when it is subject to differences in temperature) and a range of supplemental additives. There is also a range of similar products to improve the performance of heavy duty diesel engines.

“Despite the growing use of electric, the internal combustion engine remains the dominant powertrain for cars. This means their engines must be as clean and efficient as possible,” explains Andrew Lamb, Managing Director at Petrico.

“At Petrico, we provide our customers with the latest performance specification base oils and additives alongside market expertise, robust logistics and supplier reliability to enable them to meet demand across the globe.

“In addition, our customers know that by using the latest technology, high quality products it will help to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and protect the life of the engine. We believe that all of these things are essential in achieving success in today’s highly competitive lubricant marketplace.”

Petrico’s extensive component range also includes antioxidants, antirust, antiwear, corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants and friction modifiers.

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