Petrico – creating a sustainable and environmentally aware business

Petrico – creating a sustainable and environmentally aware business

9 June 2021

From Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, Petrico Ltd

“Today, there is much more to a successful business than the bottom line. Put simply, we have huge responsibilities to stakeholders, our customers – and the planet. That is why I am so pleased that Petrico, with the wholehearted support of our parent company Krahn Chemie, is ahead of the game with its vision for a more sustainable business.

The company is increasingly focused on sustainability, with it playing a major role in the selection of its supplying partners.

And Krahn Chemie is not only focusing on its suppliers, it is also committed to staff development too so, by the end of this year, all Petrico employees will have attended Krahn workshops to help them understand the sustainability strategy and the role of every individual as we all play our part in meeting the significant goals set by our parent company.

These goals are important because everywhere you turn there is talk about sustainability and our collective role in protecting the environment. Although we are a business, it is consumers that control the zeitgeist and they are demanding changes from businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. Indeed, according to The Green Business Bureau, 84% of consumers seek positive environmental commitment from the companies they do business with, and 80% of consumer now consider environmental factors before making a purchase. And these figures are only set to rise as younger consumers become tomorrow’s decision makers.

Sustainability is the future and I am proud to say that with the help of our parent company – Krahn Chemie – Petrico will be leading the way.”

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