Viscosity Modifiers (VM): A Guide

22 April 2020


Viscosity Modifiers (VM), or Viscosity Index Improves (VII), play a key role in the lubricant formulation to better control the rate of change of viscosity resulting from temperature change. The passenger car and heavy-duty truck markets account for over 80% of all viscosity modifiers sold globally, these are used in a wide variety of formulations including automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluids, gear oils, grease, and certain hydraulic fluids.


Petrico’s Petadd range of high quality viscosity modifiers is designed with the latest formulation technology in mind. From ultra-low weight Ethylene-Propylene Polymers with excellent shear stability to powerful Polymethacrylate Polymers with superb cold weather performance, this comprehensive VM range recognises the growing global demand for VM’s to enhance lubricant performance in areas such as improved fuel efficiency.  Petadd VM’s are available in crystalline and amorphous solids, or in liquid form.

An Application Guide is available below. Click on the Product name above the table to be redirected the relevant standalone page, including specification guides.

Petadd VM-1(P)
Petadd VM-14(L)
Petadd VM-15(C)
Petadd VM-24(C)
Petadd VM-25(A)
Petadd VM-25(C)
Petadd VM-25(L)
Petadd VM-34(C)
Petadd VM-35(A)
Petadd VM-35(C)
Petadd VM-43(C)
Petadd VM-47(C)
Petadd VM-48(D)
Petadd VM-53(L)

For more information and to download spec sheets for Petrico’s range of Petadd products, click here.

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